Emma’s Story

Why I chose to volunteer with Who Cares? Scotland

I choose to volunteer with Who Cares? Scotland, as I wanted a volunteer role which would link well with my career as a Primary School Teacher. I enjoy being in a nurturing and caring environment and being an approachable figure in children and young people’s life’s. As I found out more and more about Who Cares? and the changes the group are making, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.


What I enjoy most about volunteering

The thing I am most enjoying about volunteering is the relationships I am able to build with the young people there. I love the family nature of the group. I have also learned so much about the care system and other related areas which I wasn’t as knowledgeable on before. Gaining this information has been eye opening to me and it is something I can see being relevant within my job. I am now aware of how to be more inclusive and understanding to children in my class who may have experience of care.


What qualities I bring to the young people I work with

I like to think that the young people see me as someone they can come to and talk to about anything, even if it is just as simple as how their day was. Also, where possible I like to add my input from a teacher’s perspective which I think can add value when discussing certain topics. For example, I mentioned how I felt there was not enough training for up-coming teachers on the care system and how best to support the children in your class. I look forward to continue to build a good relationship with all group members and giving an insight into how things can be better for teacher’s understanding.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.