Adele’s Story

I was drawn to volunteer at Who Cares? Scotland because of the amazing work they do. If I was to describe volunteering at Who Cares? it would be – AMAZING. Through my volunteering I have been given so many different opportunities and it has really been an amazing experience that I can’t wait to continue and see what else it brings.

I applied to volunteer as a youth worker and I started volunteering at a weekly group they run. I fell in love with their work, I was able to be a positive role model for the young people, use my own personal experience to help the young people and build positive relationships with just the most amazing young people I have ever met. I then was able to volunteer at events like summer camp and Time To Shine festival. As well as that, now I am even delivering training work, helping to influence positive change and supporting a school project to help young people understand Care Experience and stop the stigma and discrimination. For anyone thinking of volunteering with Who Cares? I would say…just do it and take every opportunity you get because it is a great experience, do the camp, do the different things that go on through Who Cares? because it gives you the experience and helps you grow as a person and become more confident and it’s just like having an extra family.

Summer camp has been one of my favourite opportunities, it was amazing, absolutely amazing! The young people and the connections you make and just having fun is a brilliant experience. Through all the training and support you receive I have been able to gain confidence and it has helped with my own education path and career. It has helped me to grow personally and feel like I am achieving something important and really making a difference. I am proud to be able to give my time to such important work.

I would recommend anyone to volunteer at Who Cares? Scotland because it is an amazing experience and you really are making a difference for Care Experience people.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.