External Consultation

Who Cares? Scotland is in a process of shaping its strategic direction for the years ahead. It is an interesting and exciting time for the organisation to evolve into an entity shaped and moulded by care experienced people.

As part of this processes, we are undertaking a consultation with our internal and external stakeholders. We are keen to ensure that the voices and opinions of the stakeholders we are engaged with, are both heard and represented. That is why we are inviting you to take part in a short survey by Sunday 21 May, results of which will help us shape our next strategic plan.

We work with care experienced children, young people and adults from across Scotland. We have also joined up forces with similar-minded organisations from the UK and the Republic of Ireland to ensure the voice of care experienced population influences national policies and legislation.

“Our Story” summarises the journey we have been on from 2013 to 2016. You can view it through Issuu or download it using the link below:

Pdf version of Our Story Report

We provide unique opportunities to transform the lives of care experienced people – ultimately helping them to realise their full potential. We place young people’s views at the heart of our work, ensuring their voices are heard and given opportunities to shape the wider policy and practice developments of the organisation.

What we do is shaped by what care experienced people tell us works, while our experience is shaped by our passion and commitment to deliver both fit-for-purpose and outstanding and person-centred services to them; for the benefit of them. All of which is encompassed completely in our organisational values – a reminder of which are shown below.

Our values:

  • Young-people: We will ensure young people can participate in our activities – and that their views and experiences shape our practice.
  • Strength: We will use our commitment, motivation and determination to improve policies and practice internally and externally, collectively and individually.
  • Responsibility: We will be clear about our objectives and be transparent in how we work, to ensure accountability.
  • Continuous development: We will become a creative, learning organisation.
  • Trust: We will act with integrity and consistency to ensure our approaches are reliable, and honest.
  • People-focused: We will value partnership working and build on relationships by demonstrating empathy and understanding; we will ensure that communication is clear and focussed, and that all of our approaches are participatory.
  • Fairness: We will embrace and promote equality, inclusion and accessibility to ensure fairness is central to all of our work.

Thank you for taking the time to help us shape a better future for the care experienced voices.

Duncan Dunlop,
Chief Executive

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
Who Cares? Scotland Funding Partners