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Why it Matters

Summer can be a challenging time for young people in care. Schools break up for the summer and all over the country, children are doing things with their families – from playing in parks to going on holiday abroad. But if you’re in care, that’s not always an option for you – and the summer can feel long and hard.

At Who Cares? Scotland we make sure children in care feel loved during the summer holidays, and have a break from school packed with fun, adventure and opportunity. We can’t do this without you. Donate today to help us make summer shine.


Our annual Summer Camp is where our members connect, have fun and build a sense of belonging. This July, we will be taking over 130 young people away to have the time of their lives and create lasting memories.

Harvard Summer School

This is the tenth year Who Cares? Scotland has sent students to Harvard for the summer, giving our Care Experienced members the opportunity to experience student life at the prestigious university.

Andi and Lauren are delighted to have this opportunity, thanks to Who Cares? Scotland, their local authorities and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Andi said she thought when she went into care that “there was no point in having aspirations” because it was “just an unlevel playing field”. But she says she pushed herself with the help and support of her “on the ball” key worker.

“I actually want to have a good life and opportunities and good stories and good things to reflect on so because of that I have pushed myself.”

Lauren, who is a student at Forth Valley College, says her experience of growing up in care has been “really positive” and her parents and “people in school” pushed her “to really, really grab on to any opportunity”.

“Do not underestimate care-experienced children,” says Lauren. “We have potential.”

To hear more from Andi and Lauren and what Harvard means to them, watch their short film here.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.