Laura’s story

Laura, 23, has shared with us what spending Christmas Day with her Who Cares? Scotland Care Experienced family last year meant to her:

“Hi, my name is Laura and I work as a Community fundraiser for Who Cares? Scotland. I am Care Experienced.   

I want to tell you why I spent last Christmas Day with my Who Cares? Scotland Care family. It’s simple. For many Care Experienced people like me Christmas can be a sad time of year. It’s a time where we are constantly reminded that we don’t have a big family around us.

Last year, when the opportunity came up to spend Christmas Day with not only my Who Cares? Scotland Care family but also my biological sister, I couldn’t have been happier. We were surrounded by so many amazing Care Experienced people like us who we have the privilege to call our Care family.   

We spent the day with over 100 Care Experienced brothers and sisters sitting around a massive table, eating delicious Christmas food prepared by the volunteers, laughing and dancing. It reminded me of Happy Christmas films where families sit around beautifully decorated tables and laugh together. We loved it!

My ask is simple. I, like many other Care Experienced brothers and sisters who spent Christmas Day at the Who Cares? Scotland Christmas dinner last year want to do it again. The problem is that we can’t do that without your support.

Please donate whatever you can to give us a Christmas to remember this year as well.

You can also set up a monthly donation to ensure the Care Family Christmas dinner happens every year, and that we never feel lonely on Christmas Day again.

With Love,
Laura xxx

To visit the Care Family Christmas website and learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.