Care Family Christmas Appeal 2018

No one should feel alone this Christmas

  • At Who Cares? Scotland we believe that no one one should feel alone this Christmas. Can you help us give Care Experienced young people a Christmas to remember?

With no family to return to, many Care Experienced young people across Scotland are often left to spend their Christmas day alone. Since 2014, Who Cares? Scotland has been making sure that these young people have a family to be part of on the Christmas day. On 25th December, we will be celebrating our 5th Care Family Christmas where Care experienced young people will feel welcomed, loved and special Our aim is to put on a Care Family Christmas dinner in Glasgow that will bring together 100 Care Experienced young people from across Scotland.  We also want to send over 2 000 Christmas cards to our Care Experienced members in the run up to Christmas. Our members are all over Scotland and many won’t receive any other card in the post. 

Donate ONLINE or by TEXTING WCSX25 £10 (or amount of your choice) to 70070 and support a Care Experienced young person this Christmas. Your donation could help us to:

  • £30 could reserve one place for a Care Experienced young person at Christmas dinner in Glasgow on 25th December 2018
  • £20 could help pay for training of volunteers to support our Christmas activities each year
  • £15 could help provide transport for a Care Experienced young person to and from the Christmas dinner in Glasgow
  • £10 could help pay for a Christmas present for a Care Experienced young person
  • £5 could help pay for a Christmas card to be sent to a Care Experienced young person in Scotland

To find out more about our Care Family Christmas and other ways that you can help like volunteering or donating a gift, please click here.

Laura’s Story

Read Laura’s story to learn more about what Care Family Christmas means to her and many other Care Experienced people.

Laura, 23, was first taken into care 3 days before Christmas. She has shared with us what the Who Cares? Scotland Care Family Christmas means to her:      

Last year, when the opportunity came up to spend Christmas Day with not only my Who Cares? Scotland Care family but also my biological sister, I couldn’t have been happier. We were surrounded by so many amazing Care Experienced people like us who we have the privilege to call our Care family.    We spent the day with over 100 Care Experienced brothers and sisters sitting around a massive table, eating delicious Christmas food prepared by the volunteers, laughing and dancing. It reminded me of Happy Christmas films where families sit around beautifully decorated tables and laugh together. We loved it!

Click here to read more about Laura’s time at the Who Cares? Scotland Care Family Christmas.

Please note that any money we raise through the Care Family Christmas Appeal 2018 above what we need for the Care Family Christmas will be used for other activities benefiting Care Experienced people throughout the year.
With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
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