Care Experienced History Month – Untold Stories

Presented by Who Cares? Scotland, Untold Stories highlights the experiences and impact of Care Experienced people by telling the story of different moments from the history of care. In April 2022, we hosted the stories of a holocaust survivor, a Liberated African child and a group of Care Experienced campaigners throughout 20th century England, among many more talks. See below for all the recordings now available to stream.

Dr. Christine Whyte – ‘Her Affecting Story’ Benomê, a Liberated African child.

What happened to the children on the slave ships in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean who were intercepted by British anti-slave trade patrols?

This lecture tells the story of the children that became de facto wards of the British state between 1808 and 1900. It looks at what happened to them and shares their accounts of their experiences.

Henry Wuga MBE – Kindertransported

Before World War Two broke out, a series of rescue efforts, referred to as Kindertransport, brought nearly 10,000 predominantly Jewish children from Nazi Germany to the UK. This lecture sits down with Henry Wuga MBE who came to Scotland on the scheme in 1939.

Dr. Kate Gibson – Care, Race and Illegitimacy In Eighteenth-Century Britain

In the late 18th century, thousands of children were born to Indian women and white British men sent to expand the empire. Many of these children came to Britain to be raised by white foster families.

This lecture investigates the experience of one set of siblings to understand the impact of foster care, mixed heritage and birth outside marriage on individuals in the past.

Dr. Claudia Soares – A Home from Home? Children and Social Care in Britain, 1870 – 1920

This lecture begins to tell the untold story of the children and young people who experienced the care system in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Using care records and personal correspondence, it offers new insights into how children gave meaning to their experiences of care, the impact it had on their everyday lives, their feelings and how contemporary anxieties about children’s nurture shaped care practices in the past.

Professor Mike Stein – A History From Below: The Rights Movement of Young People in Care in England

It feels like there is so much change on the horizon for Care Experienced people, but where did it begin?

This lecture will tell the story of the different groups that made up the beginning of the movement for change in the 1970’s, including the Leeds Ad-Lib group, Who Cares?, the National Association of Young People in Care, Black and In Care and A National Voice.

Dr. Robin Sen – Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Young People and the UK Care System

In the UK, considerable numbers of children and young people from ethnic minority backgrounds have been taken into the care since 1945

Drawing on published memoirs, accounts of the Black and In Care Group and an overview of debates in the 2000s about ‘transracial’ adoption this lecture seeks to give prominence to issues of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ within the modern history of the UK care system.

David Anderson – Scottish Care History: An Untold Story

Intended to herald in a new era of childcare, the Kilbrandon report saw Scotland make a number of changes to the care system. Changes in one area involved thousands of children and young people yet is rarely mentioned, with their experiences disappearing into the void of care file storage. Despite little research until now, David Anderson shines a light on an under-explored period of Scotland’s history.

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