Care Day 2023

Care Day 2023 is Friday the 17th of February. Join us as we celebrate Care Experienced people and challenge the stigma faced by the community.

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What is Care Day?

According to the UN: “International days are occasions to educate the general public on issues of concern, to mobilise political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.”

Care Day is the world’s biggest celebration of people with care experience. The term “Care Experienced” refers to anyone who has been or is currently in care.

Care Day has been going since 2016 and originated in Scotland to mark the date the Children & Young People (Scotland) 2014 Act passed. This act contained some very important legislation for Care Experienced people, such as the increase of the age young people can stay in care till 21 and the increase of the age young people can access aftercare support to 25.

Now Care Day has evolved into an official occasion to help support and promote people from the Care Experienced community.

What is this year’s theme? 

This year our theme is ‘Challenging Stigma’. 

In the run up to Care Day we’ll be resharing resources we have created which aim to tackle stigma as well promoting up and coming training opportunities.

Then at our national Care Day event the Carelidh, we’ll be recognising people who have challenged the stigma the Care Experienced community face, either through their work or personal campaigning.

How to get involved.

  • You can attend an event that is celebrating Care Day such as our Carelidh. For other events check out our calendar here
  • Get involved on social media by sharing how you are challenging stigma and use the hashtags #CareDay23 and #ChallengingStigma
  • If you’re a Corporate Parent you could attend our training event on ‘Health in the Care Experienced Community‘ which covers how to provide services free from stigma. 
  • You could read our reports and resources on mental health, digital wellbeing and sexual health which all cover how to ensure you can support Care Experienced people and break down stigma.
  • Download the official Care Day logo to use on social media below.