40th Birthday Year – 2018

40 Years of Who Cares? Scotland

40 Acts of Love, for 40 years of us! We will be celebrating throughout 2018.

Who Cares? Scotland has been supporting Care Experienced people with advocacy, and helping them speak out and create positive change, for 40 years.  Find out more about our history here.

This year, we want to see our communities stand up and show their Care Experienced friends and neighbours how much they mean to them. It doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking, just a token of your time to help make Scotland a place where Who Cares? Scotland’s members of Care Experienced people are loved, celebrated and shown the respect and equality they deserve.

By committing to 40 Acts of  Love you will help us achieve our new strategic vision – a lifetime of equality, respect and love for care experienced people.

Choose your 40 Acts of Love

As part of our Springtime 40 Acts of Love options, we will be asking friends to support us on our Kiltwalking and Summer Camp 2018 activities and our #LifetimeOfEqualities campaign.

I want to walk in a Kiltwalk

Great! Just click this link to register.

This year, we are asking walkers to ‘Walk with love, for love’ on behalf of our Care Experienced members.  We will be supporting walkers to understand why love matters to our members, and what we are doing to secure a lifetime of love for all care experienced people.  To support walkers to do this we will be:

  • Issuing walkers with an exclusive Walking with Love, For Love t-shirt.
  • Issuing walkers with a Walking with Love, for Love information pack.
  • Covering the cost of registration.

I want to support care experienced people who are walking in a Kiltwalk

Great!  Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

To find out why walking with love in one of the Kiltwalks matters to our Care Experienced members, visit here.

I want to support young people to attend Summer Camp 2018

Great! Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

2018 will see our successful Summer Camp return for its 4th year.  Click here to find out why Summer Camp matters to our Care Experienced members.

I want to support the #LifetimeOfEquality Campaign

Great!  Just click here to find out how to show your support.

On Zero Discrimination Day (01.03.18), Who Cares? Scotland launched our #LifetimeOfEquality campaign.

#LifetimeOfEquality asks everyone, across the U.K., to do everything in their power to protect Care Experienced people from discrimination.

New Years Resolution 40 Acts of Love options

We were delighted to receive support for the New Year Resolution option to support 40 Acts of Love.  We are now excited to work with those who showed their support in January 2018, t help them fulfil their Act of Love.  All of the options we called for support on were successful.  These were:

  • 40 hours of volunteering.
  • Raise £40 for Who Cares? Scotland.
  • Walk 40(000) steps in one of Scotland’s Kiltwalks.
  • Commit to sharing 40 positive messages about Care Experience.
  • Sign up 40 of your friends or colleagues as Who Cares? Scotland friends.
  • Collect 40 presents for our Care Family Christmas 2018.
  • Support 4 Care Experienced people with their camping equipment for Summer Camp 2018.
  • AND some other incredible suggestions.

Register your Act of Love below – as part our Spring options

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
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